Haken Uranaishi Ataru (2019)


Drama , Supernatural , Japanese | Episodes 16

7.2 194 10 0


21-year-old Ataru Matoba begins work for an event company as a dispatched worker. This is her first real job. She goes to work wearing a knit hat, sunglasses and a long coat. She is happy to have the various work experiences and she works pleasantly. Ataru Matoba also has a special ability. When she makes eye contact with someone, she can see that person's troubles or indelible memory. With her special ability, Ataru Matoba solves troubles of people she works with.


Nonami Maho Tabata Tomoyo Support Role
Ozawa Yukiyoshi Ueno Seiji Support Role
Wakamura Mayumi Kizuna Support Role
Oikawa Mitsuhiro Yoyogi Takumi Support Role
Itaya Yuka Osaki Yui Support Role
Yukawa Kazuhiko Screenwriter
Shison Jun Shinagawa Kazuma Support Role
Shida Mirai Kanda Kazumi Support Role
Mamiya Shotaro Meguro Madoka Support Role
Sugisaki Hana Ataru Matoba Main Role


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