Great Expectations (2018)

Yuan Da Qian Cheng, 远大前程

Drama , Romance , Suspense , Chinese | Episodes 61

5.6 444 10 0


Their temporarily lodge with an old buddy of his, who is at the time the center of conflicts between union workers fighting for their rights and unscrupulous bosses trying to crush their protests. The man learns to navigate the political landmines and climbs up the society ladder. Yet, he is privately dissatisfied withthe man he has become. He later finds a purpose in life and a cause greater than money and power.


Liu Yi Jun Zhang Mo Lin Support Role
Dai Mo Lin Yuan Bu Support Role
Tan Kevin Shen Da Support Role
Fu Mei Du Mei Hui Support Role
Fu Da Long Yan Hua Support Role
Kuo Amber Yu Meng Zhu Support Role
Yuan Justin Qi Sen Main Role
Chen Si Cheng Hong San Yuan Main Role
Tong Li Ya Lin Yi Yi Main Role
Liu Hao Ran Huo Zhen Xiao Guest Role