Fox in the Screen (2016)

Ping Li Hu, 屏裡狐

Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Supernatural , Chinese | Episodes 44

5.8 930 10 0


Painter Zheng Xue Jing accidentally acquires a magical pen and frees three foxes from a screen. She becomes involved into their world because from that moment on, she's their "master".


Hao Ze Jia Qiong Hua Main Role
Liu Xin Qi Zheng Xue Jing Main Role
Huang Jun Jie Bai Sheng Main Role
Luo Yunxi Yu Yan Main Role
Li Xing You Zhang Qi Ming Supporting Role
Long Ni Yun Tao Supporting Role
Chen You Chen Mu Chen Supporting Role
Cui Hans Mu Su Yu Supporting Role
Liu Yang Taoist Priest Gui Yuan Supporting Role