Forever Love (2017)

Ai Qing Wan Wan Sui, 爱情万万岁

Drama , Romance , Supernatural , Chinese | Episodes 40

5.7 502 10 0


Sister Qiao at home for two years, but in middle-aged encounter "was divorced" by her husband and girlfriend Sun Wenjuan both betrayed; in order to regain the confidence of life, my mother all the energy transferred to the daughter and son of marriage. Daughter Jinna is a straightforward frankly two married women, not only rude to refuse to introduce her mother to the rich second generation boyfriend, but also willingly and no car no room or foreign account of the warm male Wu so begging through thick and thin. Son Jinbo is a matterless master, but after 90 years of Julia at first sight to join the flash marriage camp, so that my mother almost could not stand. "Sambo" united, together against the "ruthless father", "unruly girlfriends" and "tall" daughter-in-law Julia family. Until the sorrow of the sunset lover lover old man died, the original wives old illness can not afford, Sun Wenjuan run, we gradually understand: whether it is crying, laughing, or noisy, but because they care too much about this home.


Liu Tao Jin Na Main Role