Final Life (2017)


Drama , Detective , Investigation , Mystery , Psychological , Japanese | Episodes 12

8.7 1539 10 0


Kawakubo Ryo is a detective on a special team. When he was a child, he lived through a difficult time. He lived in poverty and his mother's negligence led to his younger sibling's death. His mother went missing and he has been looking for her. Song Shi-On is a smart guy. He graduated from a top medical school in the United States. He happily spends time with his girlfriend, but an experiment on his brain causes him to lose his memory. Kawakubo Ryo and Song Shi-On have nothing in common but work together on a special team formed by a secret organization of police officers. They try to solve difficult cases.


Takimoto Miori Ayatsuji Kana Support Role
Aikawa Sho Honda Kenichi Support Role
Nonami Maho Kano Risa Support Role
Totsugi Shigeyuki Asada Takuto Support Role
Matsuda Shota Kawakubo Ryo Main Role
Lee Tae Min Song Shi On Main Role