Entering a New Era (2018)
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Entering a New Era (2018)

Feng Zai Qi Shi, When the Wind Rises Again, 风再起时

Drama , Drama , Fantasy , Life , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 50

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Due to the economic reforms that started in 1978 and the subsequent disarmament, Fang Bang Yan (Lu Yi) and other outstanding soldiers have to change their profession: open a business or work in state enterprises. With the example of Bang Yan who decides to start his own business, Entering a New Era explores how the reforms and the fast economic development changed people’s daily lives over the years. 


Zhang Ling Xin He Xiao Yan Support Role
Li Xin Bo Fang Ling Support Role
Tan Kevin Xiu Qi Support Role
Zhu Yu Chen Kang Ning Support Role
Han Tong Sheng He Qing Zheng Support Role
Ding Yong Dai Fang Xiao Wu Support Role
Lu Yi Fang Bang Yan Main Role
Yuan Quan He Xiao Ying Main Role