Eerie Mienai Kao (2018)

イアリー 見えない顔

Drama , Crime , Drama , Mature , Mystery , Thriller , Japanese | Episodes 6

5.6 132 10 0


Several nights after the wife of university professor Hirokawa Seiji died of illness, an unknown woman visits their house and asks if his wife is at home. When he hurriedly opens the front door, no one is there. At that moment, the president of the university dies all of a sudden. This is accompanied by a new style of elections open to the students too. The professors become paranoid of each other and anonymous documents containing defamatory statements fly about. A disquieting air begins to hang in the air. Hirokawa has had a close relationship with his wife’s younger sister Mizushima Rei, who is a popular lecturer in the same university, since his wife was alive. They were together at the moment she died. His guilty conscience begins to stir up a vague sense of uneasiness towards the neighborhood and the elections. Before long, the body of a person who died a bizarre death is found at a garbage dump nearby… 


Issey Ogata Support Role
Kakei Toshio Support Role
Nekoze Tsubaki Support Role
Tanaka Yoji Support Role
Kuroshima Yuina Support Role
Yamada Anna Support Role
Naka Riisa Mizushima Rei Main Role
Odagiri Joe Hirokawa Seiji Main Role

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Drama , Crime , Drama , Mature , Mystery , Thriller , Japanese