Die Now (2017)

Duan Nao, 端脑

Drama , Drama , Sci-Fi , Supernatural , Chinese | Episodes 21

6.8 1598 10 0


Die Now tells the story about a college student who becomes involved in a mysterious hunting game while trying to find his missing girlfriend.


Zhang Xian Zi Liar Maze #4 Support Role
Yeh Esther Jia Li Support Role
Li Ivelyn Sun Pan Pan Support Role
Zhang Yu Xi Liu Yi Ya Support Role
Sia Melvin Bo Bian Support Role
Zhao Chloe I7 Support Role
Li Caesar Huang Yan Mí Gong 2 Hao Support Role
Zhu Ryan Xia Chi Main Role
Yang Fabien Meng Qin Main Role
Huang U.Lin Chun Xu Xiang Main Role
Jiang Yi Yi Qíng Zhi Main Role
Wen James Xue Xing Guest Role
Qi Stephy Game host Guest Role

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Drama , Drama , Sci-Fi , Supernatural , Chinese