Devastating Beauty (2018)

qing shi yao yan, 倾世妖颜, 傾世妖顏

Drama , Historical , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 36

5.5 2067 10 0


The six great clans are embroiled in an unending dispute and caught in the middle is a heart-wrenching tale of romance. On the night of the full moon, a peach blossom mark appears on Jingnan Yi's skin. She is a woman with a face that can launch a thousand ships, a distressing beauty though it is said that whoever marries her can have the world at their feet. Jingnan Yi falls in love with a heartless young man and also falls prey to a plot that leaves her imprisoned inside a cage spun with gold. As Jingnan Yi's impending wedding draws near, Ye Lan is forced to step in as the bride to marry into the Huangfu Clan, the most powerful family among the great clans. Ye Lan is on a mission to uncover the mystery behind her real identity as she sets out on a path of vengeance. She gets caught in a complicated love triangle with Jingnan Su Mu and Huangfu Wei Min. 


Zhang Hummer Support Role
Yang Xue Er Ying Nan Yi / Ying Nan Meng Support Role
Gong Mi You Shu Yelan Main Role