Demon Girl (2016)

Ban Yao Qing Cheng, Half-demon Allure, 半妖倾城

Drama , Action , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Supernatural , Chinese | Episodes 20

6.1 1645 10 0


Nie Qing Cheng is a half demon, except she doesn't know it herself. Or the fact that her mother's demon clan helped shape the Qing Dynasty and their control ended with Eight-Nation Alliance invading China. Her father had raised her as a human child after her mother died in the conflict. But when a scientist exposed her true form and a fellow half-demon vying for her love, she wonders if her human side can prevail and if her human lover will stand by her side to the end.


Zhang Zhe Han Ming Xia Main Role
Yalkun Merxat You Tong Main Role
Li Yi Tong Nie Qing Cheng Main Role
Nan Sheng Xiao Ping Supporting Role
Kuang Can Hong Xian Sheng Supporting Role
He Vincent Sheng Jia Yu Supporting Role
Chen Zi Han Hua Yue Nong Supporting Role
Song Wei Long Ying Long Supporting Role
He Rui Xian Jiang Xue Wu Supporting Role
Dai Xiang Yu Duan Shao Qin Supporting Role
Lin Peng Cao Yan Yan Supporting Role
Ma Steven Mo Yuan Supporting Role
Kan Adi Yao Bi Tao Supporting Role
Waite Jozef You Tong [Young] Supporting Role
Hong Yao Fu Xing Bang Supporting Role
Wang Mao Lei Nie Ru Feng [Qing Cheng father] Supporting Role
Cheng Zi Ning Nie Qing Xin Supporting Role
Han Li Young Master Zhou Supporting Role
Xu Joe Wang Shao Tang Supporting Role
Deng Sha Hong Yi Supporting Role
Zhang Yi Jie Yong Ye Supporting Role
Zhang Viann Grand Consort Jin Guest Role
An Ady Ying Die [Qing Cheng's mother] Guest Role
He Hong Shan Pian Pian [You Tong's mother] Unknown Role
Wang Jiro You Yuan [You Tong's father] Unknown Role
Price Tom [Head doctor] Unknown Role
Huang Johnny Nurhaci Unknown Role