Delicious Destiny (2017)


Drama , Drama , Food , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 56

6.3 4426 10 0


Mike plays a rich and genius chef who’s cold and aloof with a hidden gentle side. ~~ Based on the novel of the same name.


Mao Xiao Tong Song Jia Ming Main Role
D'Angelo Mike Li Yu Zhe Main Role
Chen Maggie Ye Yi Lan Supporting Role
Zhao Shu Ting Jia Ming [Young] Supporting Role
Hong Pan Jiang Xiu Yun Supporting Role
Fang Alen Ye Yi Xuan Supporting Role
Wang Teresa Xin Xin Supporting Role
Xu Rong Zhen Zhang Qian Lan Supporting Role
Zhang Yu Jian Zhao Han Supporting Role

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Drama , Drama , Food , Romance , Chinese