Daddy Dearest (2016)

Daddy Has Something to Say, 超能老豆

Drama , Family , HK | Episodes 20

5.6 59 10 0


The family drama centers its story on two young dads who reenter their children’s’ lives and learn how to be better fathers. Business-minded Kuk Chi Keung gets the challenge of a lifetime when his ex-wife remarries and finds himself a single dad when his young son, Kuk Siu Nam moves back in to live with him. He is at a total loss when it comes to being a father to his son but gets help from Chu Lai Fa who operates an education center and he slowly learns what it takes to be a good father. Famous architect Sheung Nim Syu is a workaholic who leaves child-rearing responsibilities to his wife Ho Lok Chi and his father, Sheung San. When his wife and father enter disagreements on parenting, Nim Syu has no choice but to switch roles with his wife, and learn to be a stay-at-home dad to take care of his daughter and son. Together, the two struggling fathers learn how to become better parents while also supporting each other.


Lee Johnson Ku Tse Keung Main Role
Chan Jason Seung Nim Shu Main Role
Wong Mandy Chu Lei Fa Main Role
Burrell Brian Pacino Supporting Role
Chiu Candice Ho Lok Ti Supporting Role
Lam King Supporting Role
Cheung Aaryn Supporting Role
Chan Alice Chu Lei San Supporting Role
Cheung Carat Ka Ka Supporting Role
So Ceci Supporting Role
Koo Jerry Sek Dong Supporting Role
Suen Snow Bella Fung Yuet-na Supporting Role
Poon Pat Seung Sun Supporting Role
Chan Kerry Linda (Ep.5) Guest Role