Criminal Minds (2017)

Keurimineol Maindeu, 크리미널 마인드

Drama , Crime , Drama , Investigation , Psychological , Korean | Episodes 20

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Profilers investigate cases from the perspective of the criminals to solve the cases.Son Hyun Joo as Kang Ki Hyung- head of the NCI behavioral analysis team in the National Intelligence Service’s international crime division. He is considered to be Korea’s best profiler, using cold hard analysis to understand the mind of a criminal and solve the case. Lee Joon Gi -as Kim Hyun Joon, a member of the NCI’s on-site investigation team. The character is someone who doesn’t seem all that serious in his day-to-day life, but completely changes once he enters a crime scene. He is also the most proactive member of his team and is full of surprises. Moon Chae Won- asHa Seon Woo, a straight-edged individual who takes command of any situation she’s in. As someone who has a lot of passion for her job, throwing herself into dangerous situations without a moment of hesitation, the character is set to be a fierce and sophisticated agent. Kim Young Chul as Baek San, the founder and head of the NCI Lee Sun Bin as Yoo Min Young, the head of NCI’s media communications division Yoo Sun - Na Na Hwang, an NCI informations agent Go Yoon-as Lee Han, the youngest agent in the division and a genius when it comes to behavioral analysis


Moon Chae Won Main Role
Kim Young Chul Main Role
Son Hyun Joo Main Role
Lee Seon Bin Main Role
Lee Joon Gi Main Role
Yoo Sun Supporting Role
Park Shi Eun Supporting Role
New Sun Choi Na Yeong Supporting Role
Go Yoon Supporting Role

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Drama , Crime , Drama , Investigation , Psychological , Korean

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  • Trailer Criminal Minds