Chani Phi Lak (2017)

Chanee Pee Plak, ชะนีผีผลัก

Drama , Comedy , Horror , Romance , Supernatural , Thailand | Episodes 24

6.4 144 10 0


Ja is a saleswoman at a big company. Luck is on her side, she made quite a lot of profit this year and might earn a high position in the company. But right at this moment, a rival at work appears, Cho. If it wasn't enough to have to compete with him out of nowhere, he just rented a room at her house. Will love still blossom between them? Better not, Cho is cursed by a ghost who kills all his girlfriends.


Tanjararak Kavee Chot Surichai (Cho) Main Role
Kreuasuwansri Pattarasaya Jamaphon Wongsinthiwiset (Ja) Main Role
Sirikul Penpak Khun Grace Supporting Role