Buchou Kazehana Rinko no Koi (2018)
Ep 2


  • Release: 2018
  • Broadcast network: NTV, YTV

Buchou Kazehana Rinko no Koi (2018)

Manager Rinko Kazehana's Love, 部長 風花凜子の恋

Drama , Business , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 2

5.1 54 10 0


Rinko Kazehana is the manager of a big company. She is on a fast track at work and her love life is going equally as well. Her boyfriend runs a jazz cafe. Things change when her rivals at work scheme for her downfall and her relationship with her boyfriend begins to have problems.


Tsubota Fumi Screenwriter
Ryusei Ryo Main Role
Ryo Rinko Kazehana Main Role