Buang Rak Salak Kaen (2016)

Buang Ruk Salak Kaen, Love's Circle of Resentment, บ่วงรักสลักแค้น

Drama , Drama , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 19

6.1 729 10 0


The resentment of love circles around to the next generation, fueling hatred, revenge and also love. The story is about Chuen's and Bua Pan's (grandma generation) two families. Cheun has a set of boys while Bua Pan has a trio of girls (mom generation.) They work the land together, selling mangoes, Bua Pan plants and Cheun owns the land, but their friendly relationship ends when one of Cheun’s boys drowns while trying to save one of Bua Pan’s girls, Mali. Cheun’s remaining son, Bok Pong, goes behind his mother’s back to date Bua Pan’s oldest girl, Mala. However, things get a little crazy because of a love square: there’s a rich boy, Pan Leu, who also fancies Mala and a crazy girl, Dao Rai, who fancies Bok Pong. Dao Rai is obsessed enough to use black magic (a love potion) to capture Bok Pong. She succeeds, but the black magic leads to unforeseen consequences – It causes Bok Pong to R Malai (Mala's younger sister) who had been there to scold Bok Pong for making her sister pregnant. Mala later has a miscarriage. Eventualy, Mala marries the very rich Pan Leu (they go on to have 2 boys together), Malai marries Kongpope (they have a daughter together), and Bok Pong ends up with Dao Rai (they go on to have a son and two daughters, although the second daughter, Pan Wat, happens to be Daoraii and Pan Leu’s lovechild.) After the rift, Chuen and Bua Pan's families go their separate ways and prosper in their respective trades; but, things don’t rest for long, because the older generation fuels the fire of hatred for the younger generation. Mala’s youngest son, Chayapol, comes back from studying abroad to take over the family business, and meets Bok Pong's daughter, Pan Dao. Once he learns that Pan Dao's father had hurt his mother in the past, and fueled by his aunt Malai's prompting, he sets out to seek retribution by exacting revenge on Pan Dao, who easily falls for his charms. Meanwhile, Pan Dao's sister, Pan Wat, and Chayapol's brother, also develop an attachment. At the same time, her brother and Aunt Malai's daughter, Dutduen have fallen fo


Sapanuchart Sittha Chayapol / "Pon" Main Role
Amornlak Cholruedee Pan Dao / "Pan" Main Role
Pongwilai Suchao Dtaa Chao [Bok Pong's father] Supporting Role
Pringprom Athikit Cholakon [Chayapol's brother] Supporting Role
Pupart Oliver Bok Pong [Pan Dao's father] Supporting Role
Punnakan Nussaba Mala [Chayapol's mother] Supporting Role
Theriault Nicole Daoraii [Pan Dao's mother] Supporting Role
Tungtatsawat Supakit Pan Leu [Chayapol's father] Supporting Role
Salitun Dueantem Chuen [Bok Pong's mother] Supporting Role
Klamjeenpanuwong Puttipong Patawee / "Pat" Supporting Role
Singha Nanthikarn Dutduen / "Dut" Supporting Role
Hanyothin Krittaporn Pan Wat / "Poh" Supporting Role
Tarnwised Orwannasa Malai Supporting Role
Thanwisit Siangwaan Unknown Role