Brother's Keeper 2 (2016)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , HK | Episodes 39

5.2 331 10 0


After many hardships, Law Wai Shun and Yiu Man Ying successfully establish the "Lo Shun Kei" brand in Hong Kong and Macau. However, this draws dissatisfaction from junket turned real estate developer, who uses underhand tactics to suppress them. Law Wai Shun is betrayed by his trusted aide Chui Chi Lik. Feeling that the world is too chaotic, he travels to Japan to find a peaceful space. There, he falls in love with a mysterious girl Ko Yi Na and gets embroiled in a twenty-year old murder case! Meanwhile, Yiu Man Ying's husband, Lung Fei, suffers a brain injury from a plane accident and sees her as a stranger... In addition, Kiu Tin Sang has returned to look for his old love, Cheuk Jing. Faced with these sudden attacks to their family, love life and business, how will they handle it?


Chan Grace Ko Yee Na / "Nana" Main Role
Tin Kristal Yiu Man Ying Main Role
Yuen Louis Lung Fei Main Role
Siu Edwin Law Wai Shun Main Role
Yeung Matt Chui Chi Lik / "Luck" Supporting Role
Lee Ali Chung Wing Supporting Role
Chan Ruco Kiu Tin Sang / "Sam" Supporting Role
Ng Hugo Ko Tin Tsau Supporting Role
Chung Linda Cheuk Jing / "Rachel" Supporting Role
Cheung Steven Ko Sin Pak / "Pi" Supporting Role
Tsui Wing Ma Man Tai Supporting Role
Li Leanne Cheuk Ning / "Emily" Supporting Role
Yiu Kitterick Wong Ming Tak Supporting Role
Choi Miguel Chin Supporting Role
Leung Jade Shum Mei Wa Supporting Role
Ho Anthony Yiu Ho Nam Supporting Role
Wong Parkman Chung Kwok Po Supporting Role
Lee Becky Chief Inspector Mandy Yeung Supporting Role
Lo Angelina Yuen Shuk Ngo Supporting Role
Lau Kong Lo Fu Shing Supporting Role
Wong Chun Yiu Han | Yiu Ho Nam Supporting Role