Bride of the Century (2014)

Hundred Year Bride, 100 Year Bride, 백년의 신부

Drama , Family , Fantasy , Melodrama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 16

6.2 1860 10 0


Taeyang Group is the largest conglomerate in South Korea. The Choi family who runs Taeyang has supposedly been under a curse for a hundred years that the first bride of the eldest son will always die. When the wealthy heiress Jang Yi-kyung disappears right before her wedding to chaebol heir Choi Kang-joo, Na Doo-rim, a lookalike impostor, is brought in to take her place. But unlike the cold and calculating Yi-kyung, Doo-rim is sweet and sunny, and Kang-joo falls genuinely in love with her. As the wedding plans progress, Kang-joo and Yi-kyung's mothers both scheme and plot behind the scenes.


Shin Eun Jung Ma Jae Ran Main Role
Yang Jin Sung Na Doo Rim / Jang Yi Kyung / Boon Ee Main Role
Lee Hong Ki Choi Kang Joo Main Role
Sung Hyuk Jang Yi Hyun Main Role
Jung Hae In Choi Kang In Supporting Role
Im Byung Ki Butler Jang Supporting Role
Nam Jung Hee Park Soon Bok [Do Rim's Grandmother] Supporting Role
Park Jin Joo Oh Jin Joo Supporting Role
Choi Il Hwa Choi Il Do Supporting Role
Kang Pil Sun Secretary Kim Supporting Role
Kang Tae Hwan Secretary Kim Supporting Role
Kim Ah Young Sung Joo Shin / Byeol Supporting Role
Lee Hee Won Lee Roo Mi Supporting Role
Kwon Eun Ah Ahn Dong Daek Supporting Role
Kim Seo Ra Kim Myung Hee Supporting Role
Gook Ji Yun [Model](Ep.16) Guest Role
Kim Mi Kyung [Kang Joo's great-grandmother] Guest Role
Kim Young Ok [Choi Kang Joo's Aunt] Guest Role
Takashima Reiko President Kaneko Guest Role
Park Solomon Choi Kang Joo [Teen] Guest Role
Heo Sung Tae Unknown Role