Bokura wa Kiseki de Dekite Iru (2018)

We Are Made of Miracles, Boku Kise, 僕キセ, 僕らは奇跡でできている

Drama , Animals , Life , School , Japanese | Episodes: 25

6.6 225 10 0


Aikawa Kazuki is a university lecturer who teaches ethology, which is the study of animal behaviour. He just started life as a lecturer six months earlier at the recommendation of Professor Samejima Shun whom he studied under in university. However, when it comes to the animals and living things that Kazuki loves, he gets so immersed that he pays no attention to other things. He is not able to follow the rules established by the university and gets scolded at work every day. In addition, he has the habit of procrastinating on things that he finds bothersome and is also poor at being punctual. Kazuki’s lessons are “not ordinary”. Although he gives students assignments to make them express their opinions, he would end up saying that he does not know the right answer and stump them. Kazuki’s behaviour bewilders the people around him, and at times, it even irritates them. They keep this “eccentric” at a slight distance but this does not perturb him. However, their own values are shaken by the sight of Kazuki, who has no bias or preconceived ideas and enjoys each day following his interests and curiosity, and they are gradually influenced by him.


Miki Honoka Aoyama Kotone Support Role
Anan Kenji Unknown
Toda Keiko Yamada Taeko Support Role
Triendl Reina Unknown
Kobayashi Kaoru Samejima Shun Support Role
Kojima Kazuya Numabukuro Junpei Support Role
Hashibe Atsuko Screenwriter
Eikura Nana Mizumoto Ikumi Support Role
Kaname Jun Kashinoki Satoshi Support Role
Tanaka Min Aikawa Yoshitaka Support Role
Nishihata Daigo Shinjo Ryutaro Support Role
Kita Kana Ozaki Sakura Support Role
Hirota Ryohei Suda Takumi Support Role
Takahashi Issei Kazuki Aikawa Main Role