Boku wa Mari no Naka (2017)


Drama , Mystery , Psychological , Romance , School , Supernatural , Japanese | Episodes 8

6.2 261 10 0


Isao Komori is a college dropout who spends his days cooped up in his apartment playing video games. The highlight of his day is visiting a convenience store where an angel-like high-school girl called Mari visits every night. One morning Komori wakes up in Mari's body. Another "Komori" inhabits his old body, and Mari has disappeared. Komori struggles to maintain Mari's ordinary life and starts to investigate Mari's disappearance.


Nishida Naomi Yoshizaki Eriko [Mari's mother] Support Role
Nagao Mariya [Mari's friend] Support Role
Kurosawa Haruka Kakiguchi Mari [Yori's older sister] Support Role
Nishioka Kengo [Mari's younger brother] Support Role
Hanasaka Shiina Momoka [Mari's friend] Support Role
Nakajima Ken Hiroki [Momoka's boyfriend] Support Role
Ono Karin [Mari's friend] Support Role
Yoshizawa Ryo Komori Isao Main Role
Ikeda Elaiza Yoshizaki Mari Main Role
Nakamura Yurika Kakiguchi Yori Main Role