Blue in My Heart (2017)
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  • Release: 2017
  • Broadcast network: MBC Dramanet

Blue in My Heart (2017)

The Blue in My Heart, My heart's blue, Nae Maeumeui Beullu, 내 마음의 블루

Drama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 10

6.5 1284 10 0


The drama’s storyline involves a love story between a global pop star and a travel agency employee, Kang Jae Ho, a young man who goes on a trip to the Philippines and loves it so much that he decides to stay. He opens up shop as a travel guide and calls it Happy Walking, and though it only consists of one employee and two tour buses, he’s an honest, hard-working guy andKorean travel agencies begin to send him more and more clients.


L Kang Jae Ho Main Role