Blind Date (2018)
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Blind Date (2018)


Drama , Drama , Family , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 52

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"Blind Date" is the chinese version of the popular argentinian drama "Ciega a Citas" about modern love and romance with Jiang Xin and Lu Yi. Jiang Xin plays a young woman, who is still single. Her sister is about to be married and one day Jiang Xin overhears her mother talking to her sister, that if she will come to the marriage of her sister with a boyfriend, her mother will pay for the marriage. Jiang Xin has 258 days to find a boyfriend, in order to score off her bothersome mother and to enable her sister a wonderful marriage. Lu Yi plays her counterpart in this fresh and romantic drama.


Lu Yi Yang Shuo Main Role
Jiang Rulu Xia Tian "Summer" Main Role
Cheng Pei Pei [Xia Tian's grandmother] Supporting Role
Tien Niu Wu Hong Ying [Xia Tian's mother] Supporting Role

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Drama , Drama , Family , Romance , Chinese