Blanket Cats (2017)

Buranketto Kyattsu, ブランケット・キャッツ

Drama , Animals , Life , Japanese | Episodes 7

6.1 181 10 0


Shiina Hideaki has been searching for new owners for the cats that his late wife had reared, together with his childhood friend Fujimura Misaki, who is a vet. Hiromi who wants to be given a cat that will be a substitute for the pet that her grandmother had loved, comes to visit. After inspecting Hiromi’s house, Hideaki hands her a blanket together with a cat. Hiromi is relieved that her grandmother is happy to be reunited with the cat. However, this time, she brings up her desire to meet Hiromi’s fiance. Based on the novel "Blanket Cats" by Shigematsu Kiyoshi


Nishijima Hidetoshi Shiina Hideaki Main Role
Kichise Michiko Fujimura Misaki Main Role
Sakai Miki Supporting Role
Miho Jun Supporting Role
Shimazaki Haruka Supporting Role
Karata Erika Supporting Role
Renbutsu Misako Hiromi Guest Role