Black Scandal (2018)

Burakku Sukyandaru, ブラックスキャンダル

Drama , Action , Comedy , Fantasy , Historical , Japanese | Episodes: 14

5.7 263 10 0


Sara Fujisaki is a top actress who is getting married soon. The media suddenly falsely claims that she is having an affair. Although she doesn't want to, Sara holds a press conference to discuss the 'scandal'. She receives a sharp backlash from the public and her acting career is ruined. To makes things worse, her mother also passes away. 5 years later, Sara learns that the false affair was a conspiracy to ruin her. Thanks to plastic surgery, she has now changed her appearance. To get revenge, Sara uses the alias of Arisa Yagami and begins working as a manager at the same management company where she was once a client. Sara soon faces the shocking truth behind her scandal. 


Hiraiwa Kami Support Role
Naganuma Makoto Director
Wakaba Ryuya Support Role
Nomura Masumi Support Role
Namioka Kazuki Support Role
Sara Ogawa Support Role
Kanro Morita Support Role
Ando Masanobu Teshigawara Junya Main Role
Yamaguchi Sayaka Fujisaki Sara / Yagami Arisa Main Role
Matsui Rena Akutsu Yuina Main Role
Matsumoto Marika Fujisaki Sara Main Role
Kataoka Tsurutaro Koshigawara Tomokazu Main Role

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Drama , Action , Comedy , Fantasy , Historical , Japanese