Another Miss Oh (2016)

Another Oh Hae Young, Oh Hae Young Again, 또 오해영

Drama , Comedy , Romance , Korean | Episodes 18

6.7 2194 10 0


A romantic drama about two women with the same name of Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin & Jun Hye Bin) and a man, Park Do Kyung (Eric) who has the ability to see the future.


Lee Jae Yoon Han Tae Jin [Hae Yeong #1 fiancee] Main Role
Kim Ji Suk Lee Ji Sang [Do Kyeong's best friend] Main Role
Seo Hyun Jin Oh Hae Yeong #1 Main Role
Eric Park Do Kyeong Main Role
Ye Ji Won Park Soo Kyeong [Do Kyeong's sister] Main Role
Jun Hye Bin Oh Hae Yeong #2 Main Role
Kang Nam Gil CEO Jang Han Ko [Do Kyeong's mother boyfriend] Supporting Role
Kwon Min Kim Sung Jin [Hae Yeong #1 co-worker] Supporting Role
Nam Ki Ae Ha Ji Ya [Do Kyeong's mom] Supporting Role
Kim Mi Kyung Hwang Duk Yi [Hae Yeong #1 mother] Supporting Role
Kim Ki Doo Ki Tae Supporting Role
Yoo Se Rye Chan Joo [Hae Yeong #1 co-worker] Supporting Role
Lee Hye Eun Jung Sook [Hae Yeong #1 aunt] Supporting Role
Jo Hyun Shik Sang Suk [Do Kyeong's subordinate] Supporting Role
Heo Jung Min Park Hoon [Do Kyeong's brother] Supporting Role
Lee Han Wi Oh Kyung Soo [Hae Yeong #1 father] Supporting Role
Heo Young Ji Yoon Ahn Na [Hoon's girlfriend] Supporting Role
Choi Byung Mo Park Son Taek [Do Kyeong's psychiatrist ] Supporting Role
Choi Joon Ho Lee Joon [Do Kyeong's subordinate] Supporting Role
Ha Shi Eun Producer Kim Hee Ran [Hae Yeong #1 best friend] Supporting Role
Lee Byung Joon [Singer/Radio Announcer] Supporting Role
Im Ha Ryong [Voice actor](Ep.9) Guest Role
Lee Yoo Ri Ha Ji Ya [Do Kyeong's mother - Young](Ep.10) Guest Role
Seo Joon Young [Hae Yeong #2's Blind Date](Ep.16) Guest Role
Yun Mi Joo Jang Yeong Ji [Han Ko's daughter] Guest Role
Yeon Woo Jin Lawyer Gong Gi Tae (Ep.7) Guest Role
Yoon Jong Hoon [Hae Yeong's high school classmate] Guest Role
Oh Man Suk [TV director](Ep.18) Guest Role
Lee Hyun Jin [Oh Hae Yeong's blind date](Ep.1) Guest Role
Lee Pil Mo [Do Kyeong's father - Young](Ep.10) Guest Role
Lee Seon Bin Mon [Woman at the resturant](Ep.14) Guest Role
Woo Hyun [Psychiatrist - Son Taek's sunbae](Ep.15) Guest Role
Seo Ye Ji Oh So Hee [Hae Yeong #1's cousin](Ep.15) Guest Role
Go Kyu Pil [Jajangmyun delivery guy](Ep.3) Guest Role
Ahn Il Kwon Unknown Role