Age of Rebellion (2018)

Fan Qiang De Ji Yi, 翻牆的記憶

Drama , Crime , Drama , School , Youth , Chinese | Episodes 15

5.9 972 10 0


Campus bullying is a serious issue that every school try to root out. When the bullying manifests to outside of the school, who is responsible to stop it?


Ho Peter Director
Hsu Jake Wu Cheng Han Support Role
Chang Michael Ou Wen Zhuo / Xiao Ou Support Role
Yao Shiny Fang Xiao Fen / "Nini" Support Role
Hsieh Angus Lu Ge Support Role
Song Wayne Hou Cheng Yu / Lao Hou Support Role
Lin Zoey Shu Xiao Tong / Xiao Shu Support Role
Tsou Jason Xue Zhi Wen Main Role
Lee Nana Sun Ruo Yu Main Role
Jeanine Yang Jiang Yu Xin Main Role
Ting Hu Zhang Lu Yi Feng Main Role
Wu Nien Hsuan Wang Wei Jie / Lao K Main Role
Chen Tammy Lin Mei Hua Main Role